Name list with gender and popularity

Name Census offers the most complete name list with 1.507.690 validated first names from 139 countries including the gender and popularity and is available for download.

Name list

Complete name list with 1.507.690 validated first names from 139 countries in CSV format.

Name gender

Each of the 1.507.690 first names is validated and categorized as male, female or unisex.

Name popularity

Popularity based on how often a name appeared in a set of 22.055.118 social media profiles from 139 countries.

Name Census based upon governmental & social media data

Our name list is created by using baby name lists obtained from governments and cross-referencing it with millions of names from publicly available social media profiles.

To create the list of names we manually reached out to governments, statistical agencies and collected lists from official open data initiatives. We used 22.055.118 social media profiles that where publicly available to cross-reference and count each name per country. On the about page we have a detailed explanation of our methodology.

Download CSV immediately after payment

Our name list with 1.507.690 authenticated gender tagged names is available for purchase and immediate download.

After secure payment using your MasterCard, VISA or American Express credit card, we will send an email with a link where you can download the name list as a CSV file.

The data is structured in a very simple way. Each row contains a name and has a few additional columns like gender and popularity. Our the about page we have a section with a detailed description of csv file.

We took the top 100 names names from each of the 139 countries and compiled the Name Census top 100. Download Name Census top 100 to get an idea of our database or explore it on Kaggle .

Male names
Female names
Unisex names