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Name database with 3.251.185 surnames and 1.507.690 first names categorized by gender and frequency from 139 countries.

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Surname database

Our surname database contains 3.251.185 validated surnames from 139 countries. All surnames are official, validated and include the popularity in each country.

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First name database

Our first name database contains 1.507.690 validated first names from 139 countries. All first names are official, validated and include the gender and popularity.

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Covering 139 countries

We contacted dozens of governments and statistical agencies for official databases. We used 22.055.118 social media profiles to calculate the popularity of each name.

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First names *
* Our first name database contains 1.507.690 first names (806.637 male, 701.053 female) including gender and popularity.

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Our complete name database contains 3.251.185 surnames and 1.507.690 first names and is available for purchase and immediate download.

Do you want to preview the data? No problem, we took the top 100 surnames and first names from each of the 139 countries and compiled the Name Census top 100. You can download the Name Census top 100 from Github or Kaggle .

Do you want to buy our name database? After secure payment using your MasterCard, VISA or American Express credit card, we will send an email with a link where you can download the name databases. The data is structured in a simple format and available in CSV, SQL and JSON format.



What is Name Census?

Name Census is a comprehensive name database offering detailed information on first names and surnames, including gender identification, from multiple countries. It was created to provide a reliable and complete name database for various research and commercial uses.

How was the Name Census database compiled?

The database was compiled through extensive research, collecting data from government agencies, statistical bureaus, and social media profiles. Over 22.055.118 social media profiles were used to cross-reference and validate the names and their frequencies.

What database formats are available?

The Name Census database is available in CSV, SQL, and JSON formats. These formats are commonly used for data exchange, making it easy to integrate into your existing systems. Each file is encoded using the UTF-8 character encoding standard for compatibility.

Can I use Name Census in my (commercial) projects?

Yes, Name Census is ideal for use in online services, research, and (commercial) projects as long as the data stays internal and is not redistributed. The database provides detailed information on names and genders, which can be crucial for demographic studies, market research, and other inquiries.

How often is the database updated?

The database is regularly updated to include the latest data and ensure accuracy. Updates are made as new information becomes available from official sources and social media profiles. This ensures you have access to current and relevant data.

How do you ensure the accuracy?

Accuracy is ensured through rigorous validation processes, cross-referencing names with official government databases and verifying against millions of social media profiles.

Can I get a preview of the Name Census database?

Yes, you can download a preview of the top 100 names from platforms like Github or Kaggle . This preview allows you to see the structure and content of the database before making a purchase.

Is the database available for all countries?

While not covering every country, the database includes a wide range and uses similar language databases for those sharing the same language, like Spanish-speaking countries. By leveraging official name databases and validating them with social media profiles, Name Census offers broad coverage.